Capturing Video

Capture Media buttonSometimes you might want to create a home movie out of the material recorded onto a miniDV camera or some other device that requires the video captured before you can edit it. AVS Video Editor lets you do that with no difficulties.

First of all you will need to properly connect your miniDV camcorder or another capture device to your personal computer and, after you launch AVS Video Editor, press the Capture button. AVS Video Recorder program will start and let you capture your video to the computer hard disk drive:

AVS Video Recorder main window

Please, refer to the AVS Video Recorder Online Help for detailed information on how to capture video from a capture device.

When you finish capturing video, press the Exit button in AVS Video Recorder bottom right corner to return to AVS Video Editor. You will find your captured video in the Video section of the Files and Effects Area:

Files and Effects Area - Video files view