Using Preview

Before you add the media files to the Timeline/Storyboard Area you might want to preview them or edit them.

Create Video buttonClick the Media Library button to view the imported media files. After that select one of the categories - Video, Audio, Image or Color and double-click it.

After that select a media file to preview clicking it. Now use the Preview Area to watch or listen to the media file you have selected:

Preview Window

Use the Playback Playback button button to start the media file playback. Or, alternatively, you can simply double-click the media file in the Files and Effects Area to start its playback. If you want you can play your files on full screen. To open a Full Screen mode, please, use the Full screen button button or double click the Preview window. To go back to the windowed mode click the Full screen button button once again, double click the picture or press the Esc button.

The buttons of the Preview Area are quite self explanatory, though you can read their detailed description here.

The same way the effects and transitions are previewed. Simply select the appropriate section of the Menu Panes - Transitions or Video Effects or Text and click the necessary element of the Files and Effects Area.