The Audio Mix is used to add a new soundtrack to your movie that will replace the original movie sound or just, for instance, supplement it with some music.

Audio effect

First you will need to import the necessary audio into AVS Video Editor. Read the Importing Multimedia Files section to learn how to do that.

Then select an audio soundtrack itself and add it to the Timeline. After that you will be able to modify the audio and change the original and the added sound volume. You can also use a microphone connected to your personal computer to record your voice and overlay your movie with it.

Note!Note: you can apply not one but several tracks. If you want to disable any audio track, check the respective window off clicking the Eye button icon (it will turn into an Eye button icon then). To enable the track click this icon once again.

Then you can preview the video using the Preview Area to make sure that the added audio is fine.

Note!Note: you cannot add transitions between two audio clips. The length of time the two audio clips play together is determined by the amount of overlap between the two clips. When two audio clips overlap, the volume of each audio clip is lowered by 50 percent during the part where they overlap.