Freeze Frame Option

The Freeze Frame option allows you to make a still shot from your video clip. It's a special effect in which a single frame is shown over and over. Move the cursor in the Timeline to find the exact frame you want to freeze, then select the Freeze option from the Edit section of the Top Menu.

The still shot will look like this on the Timeline:

Freeze Frame on the Timeline

It can be also viewed on the Storyboard:

Freeze Frame on the Storyboard

The Freeze Frame function creates an image file in PNG format named freezeframe_001, freezeframe_002, etc. by default. The newly created images are automatically added into the Image category of the Files and Effects Area.

You can change the duration of the still image clicking the Duration button on the Timeline/Storyboard Toolbar or right-clicking it and selecting the Duration option from the express menu. The Duration window will appear where you can set the necessary value by entering it through the keyboard or using the arrow buttons. Then press the OK button to apply the set duration of the image.