Adjusting the Playback Speed

AVS Video Editor allows you to change the playback speed of video content placed on the Timeline/Storyboard Area. Use this feature to correct too slow or too fast episodes speeding up or slowing down your clips. You can create interesting voice effects by adjusting playback speed. Faster speed makes the voice sound small and wacky and slow makes the voice sound large and ominous.

Select the video clip on the Main video or Overlay video line by clicking it, then press the Speed button on the Timeline/Storyboard Toolbar. The following window will appear:

Speed window

The Speed field shows the current speed value, click the Button button and adjust the speed value dragging the Slider - Speed slider

  • The values from 0x to 0,9x will decrease the playback speed.
  • The 1x value will playback video at normal speed.
  • The values from 1,25x to 12x will increase the playback speed.
Note!Note: at present using this function you can change the forward playback speed only.

You can play the video clip using the Player controls to see if the speed adjustments you've made suit your needs.

If your video file includes an audio track, the audio playback speed could also be changed according to the video stream speed or it can be switched off. Select the Stretch option from the Audio drop-down menu to adjust audio speed or choose Mute to make speed adjustments to the video without affecting the accompanying audio.

To accept the changes click the OK button, to discard the changes and close the Speed window use the Cancel button.