Emboss effectThe Emboss effect is used to give an image a 3D look - as if it was raised or stamped. The Emboss effect turns the entire image gray, except to trace colors that occur if you use high settings.

In the Properties Area of the Video Effect window you can change the effect properties. They include an embossing angle, distance (height), and a percentage for the amount of color within the selection. The Angle setting varies from -180° to 180° (from -180° - to lower (stamp) the surface, to +180° - to raise the surface). This parameter controls the direction of light. Distance, varying from 3 to 10, sets the elevation of the effect. Amount varies from 0-100 and controls how much detail the filter sees to emboss. At low setting almost nothing is raised up.

Properties of the emboss effect

On the figures below you can see the video picture before and after applying the Emboss effect:

Before applying the emboss effect

Before applying the Emboss effect

After applying the emboss effect

After applying the Emboss effect