Special Effects

The Special effects allow you to imitate faded photos and old movie, turn your film into a hand-drawn sketch or watercolor painting.

Effect Description
Sepia Applies Sepia effect to transform image spectrum to brownish and yellowish photo paper
Old Movie Applies Old Mivie effect to get a black and white image with scratches
Glass Mosaic Applies Glass Mosaic effect to see your video through a number of rectangular glass pieces, each displaying a part of the whole video image
Puzzle Applies Puzzle effect to divide your picture in tens of rectangles or puzzle form rectangles
Glass Applies Glass effect to make an image appear as if it were being viewed through different types of glass
Snow Applies Snow effect to add a romantic touch to your film
Watercolor Applies Watercolor effect to make your videos look like water color paintings
Pencil Sketch Applies Pencil Sketch effect to turn any image of your film into a hand-drawn sketch
Glow Applies Glow effect to make your picture look like it's emanating light
Wind Applies Wind filter to make an image look as if the colors are blowing off your photo
Gray Out Applies Gray Out effect to transform colors of the picture to the gray part of the spectrum
TV Simulation Applies TV Simulation effect to imitate bad quality of the broadcast video signal
Newsprint Applies Newsprint effect to turn your image into a photo from a newspaper
Film Applies Film effect to put film negative borders on your video
Timer Applies Timer effect to add a timepiece (that measures a time interval) to your video