Saving to Other Devices

Save Video buttonThe Save to Other Devices option is used to save your movie into video files compatible with Apple TV and Epson multimedia players.

You select one of the available Profiles from the drop-down list and review its settings in the list of Video and Audio properties:

Save Movie window

Size Displays the size of the video frame used in the output video. The size is shown as a width to height ratio and is measured in pixels.
Bitrate Displays the number of bits transferred per second, measured in kilobits per second.
Framerate Shows the number of video frames displayed every second, measured in frames in second.
Video compression Displays the name of the codec used to encode the video information into the video file.
Duration Shows the length of the video clip (measured in hours:minutes:seconds.hundredths of seconds).
Bitrate Displays the number of data points used to approximate the true wave form (measured in kilobits per second).
Channels Shows the number of channels in the movie audio track (mono - one channel, stereo - two channels)
Sample Rate Defines the number of samples per second taken from a continuous signal and is measured in Hz.
Audio Format Shows the codec used to encode the video clip soundtrack.
Duration Displays the length of the video clip soundtrack (hours:minutes:seconds.hundredths of seconds).

If you would like to change some of the settings, you will need to click the Advanced button next to the Profile drop-down list.

Note!Note: please, make sure you know what you are doing, as in some cases the settings change can make the output video incompatible with the device that will be used to watch it.

Save Movie window

If you change any of the settings, you will be able to save your changes into a preset using the Save Preset Save Preset button button. You can also delete any of the existing presets using the Delete Preset Delete Preset button button.

When you set all the parameters you will need to click the Next >> button to go to the next step and select the output file destination folder and choose actions to be performed once the file is saved.