Creating and Editing Video Menu

Save DVD button When you select to save your movie onto a DVD disc pressing the Save to DVD button or onto a Blu-ray disc clicking the Save to Blu-ray button, and select a DVD/Blu-ray profile from the drop-down list of available profiles, AVS Video Editor will let you create your future video menu that will add individuality to your movie and simplify the navigation through your created disc.
Note!Note: to create a disc with a menu you need to create chapters in your video. In case your video contains no chapters, the video menu will be created with the only chapter starting from the beginning of the video.
Save Blu-ray button

There is a number of styles you can select for the video menu:

Save Movie window

Choose a Menu Style from the list simply clicking its image with the name, it will be applied to the menu at once. You can also edit the menu appearance, so that it looked better for your movie. Use the Change background button to customize the background picture or select other pictures for your chapters.

After you choose a style, you can test it using the tabs of the preview window:

  • Main tab - displays the main video menu page.
  • Chapters... tab - displays the video menu page with chapters list (there can be several such tabs in case the video contains a lot of chapters).

When your video menu style is selected and the menu functionality is tested, you can click the Next >> button to proceed on.